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Digendra Kumar The Indian Martyrs

Digendra Kumar was born on the 3rd of July 1969, was a naik in the Rajputana Rifles regiment of the Indian armed force. He was granted with Mahavir Chakra on the 15th of August 1999, for his demonstrations of valiance in the Kargil War. He retired from the military on the 31st of July 2005.

Kumar was born in the Jat family of Shivdan Singh and lived in the town of Jhalara, Tehsil Neem Ka Thana, in the Sikar District in Rajasthan, India. His mom’s name was Rajkaur. Shivdan Singh was a devotee of Arya Samaj. Kumar joined the second Battalion of the Rajputana Rifles on the 3rd of September 1985 and was seriously injured in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1999.

Major Vivek Gupta, of the second Battalion of the Rajputana Rifles and his organization, was given the assignment of recovering Point 4590 on Tololing Hill in the Dras area. The goal was to catch the foe post, situated at a high elevation of 15,000 feet.

Kumar holds the Light Machine Gun during his organization’s attack. Other than Kumar, the commando group included Major Vivek Gupta, Subedar Bhanwar Lal Bhakar, Subedar Surendra Singh Rathor, Lance Naik Jasvir Singh, Naik Surendra, Naik Chaman Singh Tewatia, Lance Naik Bachchan Singh, CMH Jashvir Singh, and Havaldar Sultan Singh Narwar.

The Pakistani armed force had made 11 fortifications on the Tololing peak. Kumar was to focus on the first and the last fortifications. Different commandos were to focus on the excess 9 fortifications.

On the 13th of June 1999, while approaching its goal, the Assault Group went under foe fire and took setbacks. Subedar Bhanwar Lal Bhakar, Lance Naik Jasvir Singh, Naik Surendra, and Naik Chaman Singh were lost his life in the line of action. Major Vivek Gupta himself also attend the martyrdom. In spite of the fact that Kumar was hit by a shot in his left arm, he continued discharging on the foe with his light assault rifle. His fire encouraged his men’s progression, permitting them to genuinely attack the foe position and clear the zone after a hand-to-hand battle. He was liable for executing 48 Pakistani officers without any help and got complete 18 slugs on his body and for his bravery on the line of duty, Digendra was awarded Mahavir Chakra.