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Major Vivek Gupta The Indian Martyrs

Major Vivek Gupta was born on the 2nd of January 1970 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Major Vivek Gupta was grown up hearing the stories of army personal and the honor of being in the military from his dad Col BRS Gupta, an Army Ordnance Corps official, and was colossally motivated by it. At last, his characteristic impulse won, and he chose to join the military and reported it to his family, who were cheerful and glad for his choice. After school, Vivek went to National Defense Academy and Indian Military Academy and was appointed into the Rajputana Rifles Regiment, an infantry Regiment notable for its chivalrous fight.

Major Vivek was granted the Chief of Army Staff for killing a Pakistani by hand-to-hand battle. Perceiving his remarkable aptitudes, he was appointed in Infantry School, Mhow, as a weapon teacher.

Major Vivek Gupta did a splendid job and courageous action in catching the Tololing top during the Kargil battle in 1999. Major Gupta and his men of the second Battalion, Rajputana Rifles were entrusted with the recapturing of point 4590 in the Tololing area of the Drass area. A light automatic rifle commando group was approached to recover Pakistani dugouts along the peak of Tololing. As with so a considerable lot of the later activities in Kargil, this too was a risky mission requiring a tough highlight towards settled in foe posts who had the upside of stature and an elevated view.

Major Vivek was martyred on June 13th in the wake of catching two troublesome posts the very day on the breeze cleared, frigid inclines of the Drass area. He kicked the bucket on the battlefront when a fusillade of projectiles from the Pakistanis hit him, In this situation, he and his men had killed seven individuals in the enemy camp. His body couldn’t be recuperated quickly, and it lay on the Tololing Top before the Indian Army sent a mission, overcoming foe fire, to protect the bodies on June 15th. Awarded the India second-highest gallantry award, “Maha Vir Chakra” posthumously.