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Piru Singh The Indian Martyrs

Piru Singh Shekhawat was born in 1918 in the town of Rampura Beri in the Jhunjhunu region of Rajasthan, into an extraordinary Rajput military family. Piru Singh was the youngest child of Shri Lal Singh and Smt Jarav Kanwar. his family had a long history of serving in the Rajputana Rifles. Piru Singh joined the 6 Rajputana Rifles on twentieth May 1936 and went later on to join the British Indian Army.

During the situation of conflict in Jammu and Kashmir in the year 1948, Pakistani intruders had caught the town of Tithwal and furthermore pushed to hold onto power over the situations across the waterway Kishanganga. To reinforce the development of the Tithwal area, the Indian Army dispatched the 6 Rajputana Rifles into Tithwal. The hostile started on 11th July and went on till 15th July. Two companies were marched off to secure and clear out the area. Piru Singh was leading Company ‘D’ whose primary task is to get the postback. The path to the adversary post had a tight edge with significant canyons on either side and was looked at by enemy covers, which put them in the immediate line of fire of the enemy MMG posts. Be that as it may, he didn’t lose heart and motivated his men to push ahead crying, “Raja Ramchandra Ki Jai”, as far as possible.

Inside thirty minutes of operation, most of the company was down. Piru Singh was driving the front area. Right when the foe fire down-poured strongly upon them, Piru Singh advanced ahead to take out the MMG posts. Enemy shot splinters harmed a few pieces of his body. Still, he manages to be marched toward the post Surging forward he bayoneted the Enemy of the MMG post and involved the post. Most of his company had fallen at this point.

Hurt and alone, he left the channel and pushed ahead to capture the second MMG post. when a shot struck him, and a half part of his face started bleeding heavily. His ammunition was spent, and he was badly hurt, at this point, he didn’t fall back. He threw a Grenade into the channel and bayoneted two men and got the second MMG post. While marching out of the post, he was hit in the head and was seen dropping over the edge of the adversary channel but before losing his consciousness he throws a Grenade toward the third MMG post, and the very next movement, a loud sound could be heard in the third MMG post, attesting that Piru Singh’s Grenade had dealt with its work. Piru Singh tumbled to his injuries yet had bravely completed his objective.

For his critical boldness, incredible devotion toward his country, CHM Piru Singh was given the nation’s most raised fearlessness military award, Param Vir Chakra after his death.

The demonstration of Piru Singh continues spurring an immense number of Indians and he will reliably be related with his lion-heart mental determination and love for his country.